Top CV Tips for Newly Qualified Solicitors

Qualifying as a solicitor is an exciting moment for every trainee. It is the culmination of several years of hard work and study and it marks the beginning of your journey as a practising solicitor. For those looking to move jobs on qualification, the first step is putting together a CV. Here are our 5 Top Tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd.  


  1. Start from scratch. Tempting through it may be to dig out your trainee application and simply add your rotations to it, starting your CV from scratch will make for a more concise and compelling document.
  2. List your rotations by department in reverse chronological order, and use bullet points to describe the experience gained under each rotation.
  3. Be specific. Make each bullet point a standalone statement which lists a specific matter on which you worked, along with your specific role. Use verbs which indicate clearly your responsibility such as reviewed, researched, assisted, drafted. Avoid generic terms such as advised, involved in, etc.
  4. Your CV is probably the first example of your drafting skills which a potential employer will see, so be careful to avoid spelling errors and/or excessive formatting.
  5. The process of drafting a CV is great interview preparation – it forces you to consider the skills and experience you gained as a trainee solicitor in terms of facts, figures, specific responsibilities etc. The endgame in writing the CV is to ensure that it is read – in full, by your audience. Your CV is not designed to get you a job, merely to get you the interview. Make it concise, make it objective, write it in the first person and always write it with the reader in mind.


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